Sunday, November 24, 2013

Whatever happened to...

I sometimes wonder whatever happened to some folks I went to school with. Mind you, I'm in my 40s now - so it has been quite a while - but I still wonder.

Most of my wondering though, is about if I even ever registered on their radar as a person who was ever there or ever important.

I was NOT one of the popular kids. I was poor. I dressed funny. I was very tall and "chunky". I didn't have in-style hair or clothes. I wasn't in on any of the popular activities.

I was pushed aside, ridiculed and bullied by the popular kids.

So was I remembered by any of these people?
Because I do remember them.

I have, on occasion, tried to "friend" some of these people on FB. Rarely will I even get a response. I wonder if it is because I'm still not one of the pretty and popular people, if they have even the slightest inkling of guilt about how they treated another person, or if I was just utterly forgettable.

I just sometimes wonder.

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