Saturday, November 5, 2011

I found another giveaway!

Super cute charm pack giveaway by Samelia's Mum.

I love the things folks are giving away. Maybe someday *I* can do that!
Or maybe I'll keep everything to myself, Muahahahaha...

Samelia's Mum Giveaway


A Giveaway! (no not here, silly)

Allrighty then - the good folks over at Gimmie Freebies are giving away some Organic Honey.
And I want it.
Go there, read about it, and enter.
The Gimmie Freebies Honey Giveaway


Blogger, you seductive siren...

I don't know why I have started a blog here. I don't have one tenth of the creativity of any of the other blogs I follow..

But I just couldn't help myself.

Maybe I can point people in the direction of all of the cool bloggers.

yeah - that's it!

At least it's free!