Thursday, November 14, 2013

Something that irks me.

Something that irks me (probably more than it should) is the whole "pray for me!" "Praying!" that everyone says (especially on FB).

I don't.

Not just because I'm not superstitious and don't believe in the omnipotent sky daddy - but because it means *NOTHING*.

I do tell people I'm thinking of them. I give them (what I hope are) encouraging words - but "praying!" is not encouraging to me.
All that tells me is that you're talking to an imaginary friend who, if it were so all-knowing (and so all-loving), would have already known of whatever strife/illness/accident/problem you had and would have already dealt with it.

But we all know that isn't the case.

Ok, the rational among us know that isn't the case.

I've had to bite my tongue (and clasp my hands!) to keep from replying to all of the people who are "praying!" at my hubby's posts on FB about his latest medical drama.
I KNOW they mean well - but dayum. How about instead of the ridiculous "praying" they drop an actual personal note or comment?

I have a good friend who just had surgery. A shit tonne of "praying!!" comments.
Not from me.
I told her that she was going to do great - and to not make the staff laugh too much at inopportune moments (she is hilarious and makes us all crack up all the time - the Sarcasm Queen). And that she was in my thoughts.

I did NOT tell her that I was going to wish to the great pretend sky daddy that things go ok.


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