Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finally, an image or 3

I've never posted an image here. Why? Who knows.

This was my cat, Nike. She was a sweet old girl (to me anyway).
And she was Queen of the Planet.

I still miss my old girl. She passed at 19 years old about 5 years ago.

This was Nike as a small kitten. As you can see from the pics above, she did finally grow into those ears. ;)

Another cool set of giveaways!

It's no secret that I follow a LOT of neat blogs. Mostly crafty/foody blogs.
Well, another one of my favorite follows has a SET of giveaways! All Rafflecoptor giveaways, so they're easy as pie.
Ok, pie can be difficult if you're baking impaired like me - how about easy as EATING pie!

A Night Owl Blog has 5 giveaways in one!

Just go there. And follow - because in addition to the giveaways, there is always fun and information.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I got pulled over...

I got pulled over last night on the way home from work - but it turned out ok.

Normally, I tend to have a "heavy foot" when driving. I live out in the country, and traffic is not anything like it is in the cities. We have open expanses of roads with the occasional tractor and chicken truck.

Anyway, I have been VERY careful lately with my speed. I don't need {cough}another{cough} ticket. Since it is holiday time, the state troopers have been out in force.
I was right on the speed limit. People were passing me - and I noticed someone following closely. Upon mirror examination, I figured it was a state trooper.
Following. Closely.

I followed every traffic law to the letter - turn signals, proper lane changes, proper speed - you know, being a "good driver".
I pulled to a stop at a traffic light - then the trooper pulled in right behind me (even though there was an open lane next to me).
When the light turned green, I moved along - aaaand on came the blues.


I pulled over, turned off my radio, got out my license, and put my hands up on my steering wheel. Yes, I do know the drill thankyouverymuch.

When the officer walked up, I opened my window - he asked for my license and said, "Mrs Womack, you still live at this Martin Address?"
"You're probably wondering why I pulled you over."
"Your brake lights aren't working."

I was confused. I asked him if he was sure - because I mostly just let my engine slow me down (remove my foot from the gas).

He said that my turn signals worked and the tail lights worked - but that the brake lights didn't come on.

"I'm going to check out your information, and if everything comes back OK, then I'll let you continue on your way with a verbal warning."

"Thank you, Sir. While you are doing that, I'm calling my husband to tell him about the brake lights."

While he was at his cruiser, I called Jamie and told him what was going on - and I repeatedly tapped the brakes to see if the lights came on.
They didn't. :(

The officer came back and told me to be careful going home. I let him know that I had called my husband, and he would check it out as soon as I got there.

I thanked him, and wished him a happy Thanksgiving.

When I got home, the hubby managed to fix the problem. It was a faulty switch for the brake lights.
So, YAY, it is fixed - and we had a spare, so no cost.
And no ticket.

I wish I had gotten the trooper's name. He was completely polite and professional - and *pleasant*. He was working outside on a freezing night before a holiday - and he was great. I would love to be able to pass that along to whomever keeps track of such things.

I was just so thrilled to NOT be getting a ticket I forgot to get his name.
I was also happy that someone else on the planet was, in fact, looking out for the safety of folks on the road.

If you're traveling - check out your car. Be careful. Be mindful.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I follow some awesome bloggers

I follow some awesome bloggers - and many of them do great giveaways!

Illi Style has a $100 Target gift card giveaway!

It's one of those "Rafflecopter" giveaways, so it's easy.

Go check it out. And read the other posts too. Just sayin.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Whatever happened to...

I sometimes wonder whatever happened to some folks I went to school with. Mind you, I'm in my 40s now - so it has been quite a while - but I still wonder.

Most of my wondering though, is about if I even ever registered on their radar as a person who was ever there or ever important.

I was NOT one of the popular kids. I was poor. I dressed funny. I was very tall and "chunky". I didn't have in-style hair or clothes. I wasn't in on any of the popular activities.

I was pushed aside, ridiculed and bullied by the popular kids.

So was I remembered by any of these people?
Because I do remember them.

I have, on occasion, tried to "friend" some of these people on FB. Rarely will I even get a response. I wonder if it is because I'm still not one of the pretty and popular people, if they have even the slightest inkling of guilt about how they treated another person, or if I was just utterly forgettable.

I just sometimes wonder.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Silhoutte Cameo Giveaway at Ginger Snap Crafts!

Yes, I really want a Silhouette Cameo.
No, it isn't in the budget.


A zillion bloggers are each giving one away - see the giveaway (and the links to all of the other folks giving one away at Ginger Snap Crafts.


Nothing more to see here. :P

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

OOh! I found a new giveaway!

Ok, you know I like free stuff. And fun stuff.

This has both! is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Fashion Playtes.
Neat stuff. Go check it out.

Alas, none of the clothes will fit me but the accessories sure will!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A short weekend.

I had to work on Saturday, which only gave me one day off.
It takes me the next several days after the weekend to recover from that.

I just get so tired!

Since I leave the house by 6:15am to go to work every day, I'm generally up by 5. Even on days I don't work I usually just "sleep in" until about 6 or 7.

This morning I slept until after 10. I've felt like a zombie all day. All I've managed to accomplish is doing laundry and catching up on reading blogs I follow. And some facebook ranting.

It's just after 6pm now. I'll be back on the road to work in 12 hours.

Will someone I know please win a huge mega awesome lottery prize and toss me enough to pay off my house?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Something that irks me.

Something that irks me (probably more than it should) is the whole "pray for me!" "Praying!" that everyone says (especially on FB).

I don't.

Not just because I'm not superstitious and don't believe in the omnipotent sky daddy - but because it means *NOTHING*.

I do tell people I'm thinking of them. I give them (what I hope are) encouraging words - but "praying!" is not encouraging to me.
All that tells me is that you're talking to an imaginary friend who, if it were so all-knowing (and so all-loving), would have already known of whatever strife/illness/accident/problem you had and would have already dealt with it.

But we all know that isn't the case.

Ok, the rational among us know that isn't the case.

I've had to bite my tongue (and clasp my hands!) to keep from replying to all of the people who are "praying!" at my hubby's posts on FB about his latest medical drama.
I KNOW they mean well - but dayum. How about instead of the ridiculous "praying" they drop an actual personal note or comment?

I have a good friend who just had surgery. A shit tonne of "praying!!" comments.
Not from me.
I told her that she was going to do great - and to not make the staff laugh too much at inopportune moments (she is hilarious and makes us all crack up all the time - the Sarcasm Queen). And that she was in my thoughts.

I did NOT tell her that I was going to wish to the great pretend sky daddy that things go ok.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The bloglovin thing

Just trying something out here... I follow a lot of blogs on Bloglovin.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

What a crazy couple of days...

Yup - it has been a crazy couple of days.

Yesterday, the hubby had an incident.
A thing.

This thing caused him to lose his ability to recall short term memories.
And I say recall them (and not just form them), because later on he was able to remember being confused and not remembering.

I rushed home from work yesterday at the end of my lunch-hour. And when I say rush - I mean it. Normally, on a mostly speed-limit drive, it's about 45 minutes. I did it in around 30. Of course, in that 30 minutes I got my OMG FREAK OUT SPAZ CRISIS out of the way so I could keep it together at home.

When I got home, Jamie was in the bathroom, washing his face "getting ready to go". Then, he refused to go and just sat down on the floor.
Let's just say, it was an ordeal getting him out of the house. And into the car.
He could NOT focus. I repeatedly had to snap my fingers and go all "bitch mode" to get him moving. Or to get his attention at all.

I drove us to the hospital - Juliana ran in, got a wheelchair, and told the attendant that we had a man coming in who we think is having a stroke.
We rushed him in, they took him right back.

By this time, he was not speaking well. Very "slurry" if at all - and the what he was saying didn't make any sense.
Jamie is normally a very intelligent, articulate, well spoken, and verbose man.
He could barely speak his own name.

Yeah, I was freaking out (inside).

They drew blood, did a CT scan, did a chest x-ray, did an EKG and probably a few other things I can't remember right now.
Throughout most of this ordeal yesterday, he did not remember any of it.
Every time the automatic blood pressure cuff went off, he looked at it - shocked - and asked how that got there.
I stepped into the restroom to make a quick phone call. When I came back, he asked me (again!) if I was here on my lunch break. He didn't remember that I was at home and that I got him there.
He also didn't recognize Juliana and looked very confused when he looked at me.

Over and over it was "What time is it?" "Where are we?" "Did I have another one?" "I'm hungry." "Are they both (mom & dad) in the waiting room?" (his mom passed 2 years ago)

As the day went on, the repeated questions became fewer - and he became more aware of things.
By the time I left the hospital (yes, they admitted him) he remembered all of "yesterday" and most of "today". The only things that were still fuzzy were getting to and into the car and the short ride to the hospital.

He has since told us that no, he didn't recognize Juliana at one point - and couldn't figure out why my hair was so short. It has been short for about 2 years... before that it was VERY long.

Jamie is home now - and asleep. He had to have an MRI and he gets *very* claustrophobic in them... so they gave him Valium first. Other than that, he seems back to normal.

As it turns out, this thing that happened is *probably* a TIA . Another one. He had several before we met (we've been together for 15 years).

Sorry for the ramblyness... It's been a crazy couple of days.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Go see the giveaway!

If you have tween girls... or know someone who does - you know they like to wear makeup.
Well, here is some age appropriate make up!

(yes, it does exist) is doing a giveaway with allykats.

Go. Check it out.

You know you want to.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Medical stuff

I'm really annoyed with health insurance crap.

I got a notice in the mail that my current diabetes test strips will NOT be covered starting in January.
So now I've had to order a new meter and I have to get my doctor to write me a prescription for the new test strips.

I have to go with either the OneTouch Verio IQ or one of the One Touch Ultra.

I've decided to get the One Touch UltraMini meter. In Purple.

I wonder if that will make me hate purple?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Every day I get up for work.
Every day I leave the house just after 6am.
Every day I put in a long, hard day.
Every day I drive home.
Every day I feel like I'm just an observer of my own life.