Thursday, November 28, 2013

I got pulled over...

I got pulled over last night on the way home from work - but it turned out ok.

Normally, I tend to have a "heavy foot" when driving. I live out in the country, and traffic is not anything like it is in the cities. We have open expanses of roads with the occasional tractor and chicken truck.

Anyway, I have been VERY careful lately with my speed. I don't need {cough}another{cough} ticket. Since it is holiday time, the state troopers have been out in force.
I was right on the speed limit. People were passing me - and I noticed someone following closely. Upon mirror examination, I figured it was a state trooper.
Following. Closely.

I followed every traffic law to the letter - turn signals, proper lane changes, proper speed - you know, being a "good driver".
I pulled to a stop at a traffic light - then the trooper pulled in right behind me (even though there was an open lane next to me).
When the light turned green, I moved along - aaaand on came the blues.


I pulled over, turned off my radio, got out my license, and put my hands up on my steering wheel. Yes, I do know the drill thankyouverymuch.

When the officer walked up, I opened my window - he asked for my license and said, "Mrs Womack, you still live at this Martin Address?"
"You're probably wondering why I pulled you over."
"Your brake lights aren't working."

I was confused. I asked him if he was sure - because I mostly just let my engine slow me down (remove my foot from the gas).

He said that my turn signals worked and the tail lights worked - but that the brake lights didn't come on.

"I'm going to check out your information, and if everything comes back OK, then I'll let you continue on your way with a verbal warning."

"Thank you, Sir. While you are doing that, I'm calling my husband to tell him about the brake lights."

While he was at his cruiser, I called Jamie and told him what was going on - and I repeatedly tapped the brakes to see if the lights came on.
They didn't. :(

The officer came back and told me to be careful going home. I let him know that I had called my husband, and he would check it out as soon as I got there.

I thanked him, and wished him a happy Thanksgiving.

When I got home, the hubby managed to fix the problem. It was a faulty switch for the brake lights.
So, YAY, it is fixed - and we had a spare, so no cost.
And no ticket.

I wish I had gotten the trooper's name. He was completely polite and professional - and *pleasant*. He was working outside on a freezing night before a holiday - and he was great. I would love to be able to pass that along to whomever keeps track of such things.

I was just so thrilled to NOT be getting a ticket I forgot to get his name.
I was also happy that someone else on the planet was, in fact, looking out for the safety of folks on the road.

If you're traveling - check out your car. Be careful. Be mindful.

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