Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What a crazy couple of days...

Yup - it has been a crazy couple of days.

Yesterday, the hubby had an incident.
A thing.

This thing caused him to lose his ability to recall short term memories.
And I say recall them (and not just form them), because later on he was able to remember being confused and not remembering.

I rushed home from work yesterday at the end of my lunch-hour. And when I say rush - I mean it. Normally, on a mostly speed-limit drive, it's about 45 minutes. I did it in around 30. Of course, in that 30 minutes I got my OMG FREAK OUT SPAZ CRISIS out of the way so I could keep it together at home.

When I got home, Jamie was in the bathroom, washing his face "getting ready to go". Then, he refused to go and just sat down on the floor.
Let's just say, it was an ordeal getting him out of the house. And into the car.
He could NOT focus. I repeatedly had to snap my fingers and go all "bitch mode" to get him moving. Or to get his attention at all.

I drove us to the hospital - Juliana ran in, got a wheelchair, and told the attendant that we had a man coming in who we think is having a stroke.
We rushed him in, they took him right back.

By this time, he was not speaking well. Very "slurry" if at all - and the what he was saying didn't make any sense.
Jamie is normally a very intelligent, articulate, well spoken, and verbose man.
He could barely speak his own name.

Yeah, I was freaking out (inside).

They drew blood, did a CT scan, did a chest x-ray, did an EKG and probably a few other things I can't remember right now.
Throughout most of this ordeal yesterday, he did not remember any of it.
Every time the automatic blood pressure cuff went off, he looked at it - shocked - and asked how that got there.
I stepped into the restroom to make a quick phone call. When I came back, he asked me (again!) if I was here on my lunch break. He didn't remember that I was at home and that I got him there.
He also didn't recognize Juliana and looked very confused when he looked at me.

Over and over it was "What time is it?" "Where are we?" "Did I have another one?" "I'm hungry." "Are they both (mom & dad) in the waiting room?" (his mom passed 2 years ago)

As the day went on, the repeated questions became fewer - and he became more aware of things.
By the time I left the hospital (yes, they admitted him) he remembered all of "yesterday" and most of "today". The only things that were still fuzzy were getting to and into the car and the short ride to the hospital.

He has since told us that no, he didn't recognize Juliana at one point - and couldn't figure out why my hair was so short. It has been short for about 2 years... before that it was VERY long.

Jamie is home now - and asleep. He had to have an MRI and he gets *very* claustrophobic in them... so they gave him Valium first. Other than that, he seems back to normal.

As it turns out, this thing that happened is *probably* a TIA . Another one. He had several before we met (we've been together for 15 years).

Sorry for the ramblyness... It's been a crazy couple of days.


  1. How awful!! I'm glad your hubby is feeling better!!! Take good care of him and yourself too!


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