Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tunes, jams, MUSIC

I listen to a pretty good variety of music. Madonna to Metallica, Bach to the Beatles, the Stones to Supertramp.

Thing is, I like to really mix it up in the car.

Luckily, my hubby installed his old car radio in my car - and it has a USB slot. I have an 8GB thumb drive with hundreds of my songs (ripped from MY CDs thankyouverymuch) on it.

My favorite thing to do with my music list is to put it on Shuffle.

I refer to it as the "Music Mix of DOOOM".

On my way to work the other morning, I heard Madonna followed by Seals and Croft and the Violent Femmes. Then Metallica followed by Lonestar and Tone Loc.

And yes, I sang along with each song. Like a boss. Ok, like a tone deaf boss - but whatever. At 6:30am no one else should care!

I've been told I actually sing fairly well - but I will only do it in the car. Think the Flintstones - when Barney had to sing for a commercial - they put him in a tub. The episode is called The Flintstone Canaries.

Ahh... good times.

What do you like to listen to?
Any "Car tunes" that you HAVE to have in order to move on down the highway?


  1. I think my musical tastes can only best be described as eclectic. LOL Everything from Depeche Mode to White Zombie, to Pearl Jam to Brahms. You can pretty much hear just about anything if you hit "shuffle" on our iPods.

    In the car I'm limited to a heavy mix of what the 8 year old likes with some of my stuff thrown in for good measure. Thankfully Justin Beiber is proving to be the jerk I've always thought he was, so the 8 year old has asked me to delete all of his songs. Happy Happy Joy joy!

    Oh and if it's a long drive, like the 4 hour drive we make to Maine pretty often? Yeah then it's definitely a Depeche Mode, White Zombie, Lorde, Brahms, Apocalyptica, Supertramp, ELO, Eagles, LMFAO, mix type of thing!

    Audrey at Barking Mad!

    1. I LOVE the variety! I would be happily jamming out with you to those. My hubby would roll his eyes at a few of them.
      Of course, he's the one who is SO into mash-ups. Brain-bending mash-ups. Metallica/Stevie Wonder type mash-ups. Yeah.


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