Saturday, December 28, 2013

TV Hillbillies (not the ones from Beverly)

This whole business with the duck dude really annoys me.
I refuse to use his name or the name of his show. Get over it.

I get it. He's a religious person.
I support his right to have whatever fracked up beliefs he wants.
I even support his right to not be jailed for expressing those beliefs. (1st Amendment and all)

However - I also have the right to call him out as an insensitive, ignorant, mouth-breathing bigot.

In his GQ interview - he all of the sudden starts talking about genitals and sin. No one asked!
Did you read the thing?

Please - go. Read. Here's the link. That GQ article about the duck guy. It's the whole thing. Not just the snippets.

Ok, you read it? All of it?

Including the parts where blacks were "Happy" during pre-civil rights times?

Yeah. That.

This guy is a moron. Moronosis Terminalis.

The network A&E had every right to "suspend" him because of what he said. He made the network look bad - and that's against his contract. Again - not the government - but a business. If I were to walk into my place of work and start saying the garbage he was saying, first, it would be construed as sexual harassment.
If I were to walk around and get some publicity AND identify myself as an employee of {company} that {company} would fire me!

All of the hand-wringing and bible-thumping about this hillbilly is just religious fanaticism. Yes, religious fanaticism on par with the flag-burning, Sharia supporting Muslims in the middle east.
You don't see the connection?

It's there. These proselytizing hillbillies (and their supporters) would like nothing better than for their religion to be the law of the land.

Just like those fanatics across the pond. (link to Pat Condell Vid)
Plenty of links. Things to read. Things to watch.

I'm off to do some laundry.


  1. Haha, you have me cracking up over here! You nailed it - he can say what he wants but those of us who don't agree with him can voice our opinions too!

    1. Thank you, Julie! :)
      Have a wonderful evening.


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